• About The Company

    Andresr Imaging Ltd is a company based in London founded by Andrés Rodríguez. The company offers a range of photographic and video collections. We have a portfolio of more than 44,000 images. Our distinctive style and our high standards have helped us to remain one of the world’s leading contributors to actions since 2004.

    We provide images for everyone, from bloggers and freelancers to the top companies of several million. Amazing things happen when a group of passionate people work together to materialize ideas. The creativity and dedication of our people is the key to our success. All of our shots are meticulously planned and the finished images reflect the team’s effort.


    Our portfolio of 44,000 exclusive photos at Istockphoto has been among the best sellers of the last 10 years. Authentic high-quality lifestyle images from around the world make us stand out from the 27 million images available on Istock. We try to cover a variety of subjects to have the photo you need for your designs and campaigns.

    Our photos are seen every day around the world in books, brochures, brochures, online advertisements and billboards. Our clients include Fortune Global 500 companies such as Dell, Yahoo, HP, Microsoft, IBM, among many others. Istock Portfolio


    We are working hard in order to have a top quality Exclusive Video Collection tailored to suit your projects. Videos are recorded alongside with our photos so if you need a campaign with both types of media here is the place to get them!